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Why was the platform for BioVoke changed from Silverlight to HTML5?

By Matt Wiencek, May 23, 2017 3:00:00 PM



HTML5 is the latest iteration of the HTML programming language that is becoming the new standard for web development.  It is simpler to use as it eliminates the need for plug-ins (e.g., Adobe Flash, Silverlight) and provides the ability to define the intent or purpose of our content, which improves content sharing.  HTML5 results in a reduction in development time, allowing developers to focus more on product functionality and quality.   

From a user perspective, HTML5 is supported by all modern browsers (exceptions are IE 8 and 9) and is much faster and cost effective.  Faster webpage loading and faster responsiveness enhances the user experience, which is critical in today’s competitive environment.  In addition, HTML5 supports all mobile devices.


In summary, HTML5 in conjunction with other technologies, is allowing for more interactive and dynamic content, which will improve the user experience on the web.  HTML5 is powerful and modular, and can be used across a multitude of applications on multiple types of devices.

Written by Matt Wiencek