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BioVoke Issues Management

By Matt Wiencek, May 24, 2017 4:12:06 PM

Does your project currently maintain multiple ‘punch-lists’ to track open issues, actions, due dates and responsibilities? If so, BioVoke Issues Management (IM) can replace these ‘silos of information’ into a single database accessible with a web browser.


BioVoke can be used in two ways to manage punch-lists:


  • For simple tasks, use the ‘Actions Dashboard’ to create and define an action. Upon creation of the action, an email is sent to the assignee with the details and the due date. When the action is completed, the assignee logs into BioVoke and responds to the action indicating how it was resolved. When the action is closed, an email is sent to the action owner. Actions can be re-opened if the owner is not satisfied with the resolution. Additionally, support documentation may be attached to all action assignments and responses.


  • For more complex tasks where a multi-step ‘Action Plan’ is needed, the Issues Management module should be used to define a ‘Parent’ Issue where the action plan resides. The Issue is defined with a robust set of meta data choices including systems, equipment, categories, cost and schedule impact for example. After the Issue is defined, the action plan is built. Each action includes an owner, description, category and due date. When the actions are resolved, the Issue owner may route the Issue and action plan for approval or simply close the Issue themselves.


Using the Issues Management module permits insights into a projects status via project management reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Each Issue is assigned to a Project so that only those members of that project team have access to the Issue. KPI’s report on status and due dates with the click of a button.


Start making your project more efficient by checking out the BioVoke Issues Management module today!

Written by Matt Wiencek